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Working Families Initiative

Serving the interests of Arapahoe County

Who we are

Two-parent and single-parent families and individuals determined to make things better for
our children and the next generation while we work to pay our bills and keep our families intact

What we do

We support the following:

• Raising the minimum wage
• Enforcing the laws regarding equal pay for equal work
• Preserving funding for public schools
• Promoting options for reducing student debt
• Promoting small businesses
• Extending the family leave act
• Actualizing the earned income tax credit

For more information about us and how you can take part:
find us on Meetup and Facebook
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Earth Day Project

postponed from Apr 18th to May 16th 2015
Finally Happened
Make the Prince of Peace Church parking lot more environment friendly
by making an island in place of four parking spots
to reflect less heat and reduce rainwater runoff.

Parking Lot Island
Prince of Peace church member Neal Lundquist, Peggy Cole, Laurette Barrantine, Pat Sullivan and project manager Robert Bowen.

Please Donate to the Working Families Initiative
via Paypal or Credit Card.

The Power of One $!

There are 156,000 Democrats registered in Arapahoe County.
If each one gave one dollar a month to the party, how much would that be?
We could certainly get more Democrats elected, couldn't we?

For reporting purposes,
anyone donating needs to include the following information here:
First Name Last Name
Address City Ste Zip
Employer Occupation

Thank you
from Working Families Initiative, Raymond Flesher treasurer.


What you need to know about Student Loans

Whether you are about to go to college, or your child is, paying for it can be challenging. Most college students today require some financial assistance to afford college. That assistance can be in the form of a scholarship, a grant, a works study program, a federal student loan, or a private student loan, or maybe a combination. Knowing what is right for you can be hard to determine. Help is available, however.
First of all, most high schools have college counselors who can guide you through the process. If yours doesn’t, or you want a second opinion, then help is available from the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB). Their website has information that will guide you through the process and answer your questions. This site will explain the different types of financial assistance available including:
  • A detailed comparison between private and federal loans.
  • Interest rates.
  • Who is eligible?
  • Repayment terms.
Generally speaking, a federal loan offers more flexibility for the borrower on interest rate and terms of re-payment.
Visit Consumer Finance Protection Bureau or you can call 855-411-2372.

How do I apply?

For a federal loan, you must complete the application called the FAFSA. You can download that document and get information on completing it on the website above. The website also has an Action Guide you can download.

What about re-payment?

If you have a federal loan, there are options available to keep your payment to an affordable amount each month based on income or financial hardship, or even partial forgiveness bases on teaching, military service, or other public service work. If you have a loan and want to learn more, call the CFPB at 855-411-2372.
If you have a private loan, you are generally bound by the terms of the Note, and flexible payment plans are at the discretion of the lender. Forgiveness is generally not an option.

What if I have a complaint?

If you have a complaint about a student loan, you can file it online CFPB:
One bit of advice is, do not borrow more than the cost of your education. You have to pay it back.

Written by Robert Bowen, member of WorkingFamiliesInitiative.Org

"Past Programs"

"Sustainable Living Through Rain Water Harvesting
And Building a Food Forest"


Saturday, July 18, 2015
10 am to 1 pm lunch included
Prince of Peace Church,
7000 S. Windermere St.,
Littleton CO 80120

Affordable Higher Education


Saturday June 13, 2015, 10am to 12:30pm
at Prince of Peace Church
7000 S. Windermere between Ridge Rd and Heritage HS

Supporting Organizations:
Working Families Initiative
Arapahoe County Unaffiliated Voters

"Wages, Jobs & Community Prosperity"

rising piles

Saturday, February 21, 2015 -- 10 a.m. to 12 Noon
Location: Prince of Peace Church,
7000 S. Windermere, Littleton

Moderator: Beverly B. Bunker

Featured Speakers

Chris Stiffler, Colorado Fiscal Policy Institute: "How Money Works in the Economy."
Mike Cerbo, Executive Director, Colorado AFL-CIO; former legislator: "The campaign to raise the minimum wage and why."
Rev. Amanda Henderson, Executive Director, Interfaith Alliance of Colorado: "Living Wage: A Faith and Human Perspective."
Chaer Robert, Colorado Center for Law & Policy: "Colorado's Earned Income Tax Credit Program and How It Works."
Robert Bowen, retired business owner, member South Metro Denver Chamber and; former legislator: "The living wage: How it affects the economy and community prosperity"

The Working Families Initiative held a forum on wages, jobs, and community prosperity at the Prince of Peace Church Saturday. Despite the looming storm, 42 people showed up for an informative discussion.

"Localizing Food Production -
The Future of Food: It starts with you!"


Saturday, March 14, 2015 -- 10 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.
Location: Prince of Peace Church,
7000 S. Windermere, Littleton

Moderator: Robert Bowen


Conserving and Directing Water (Betty Harris)
Organic Gardening and Composting (Judy Elliott)
What to Grow in Colorado (Paula Szilard)
Starting from seeds or plants? (Paula Szilard)
Less Lawn, More Food (Betty Harris)
Edible Landscapes (

Locally produced food vendors booths

Supporting Organizations:
Working Families Initiative
Liberal Baby Boomers
Arapahoe County Unaffiliated Voters
South Metro Denver
Woodbine Ecological Center
O'Tooles Garden Shop
Local Food Shift
Local Matters

Locally Produced Biofuels for the Planet


Saturday April 25, 2015
10am to noon
7000 S. Windermere between Ridge Rd and Heritage HS
Presentation by Gregg Eells on the future of biofuels,
especially plant based butanol
which can be run straight in your vehicle
without damaging the engine.

It can be made with all sorts of plant matter
and more butanol can be produced
than ethanol (which can only be mixed with gasoline at 15% levels).

There is much to learn about this topic and the public needs to understand it in order to apply pressure on government to move in that direction.

Hosted by:
Betty A. Harris
Working Families Initiative

"Earth Day Event at Prince of Peace Church"


Relandscaping a church parking lot.

Saturday May 16, 2015
Working Project 8am to completion
7000 S. Windermere between Ridge Rd and Heritage HS
Volunteers needed to help modify church grounds to
1. control water and 2. plant trees

Supporting Organizations:
Working Families Initiative
South Metro Denver
Liberal Baby Boomers
Arapahoe County Unaffiliated Voters
Woodbine Ecological Center

Plant Sale and Local Food


Saturday, May 16, 2015, 10am to 12:30pm
at Prince of Peace Church
7000 S. Windermere between Ridge Rd and Heritage HS


Supporting Organizations:
Working Families Initiative
Littleton SDC
Arapahoe County Unaffiliated Voters

Links to Alternative News Sources:
Look at op-ed news
Or look at
and Mother Jones

Links to progressive blogs:
Colorado Pols
Daily KOS

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